Setting up Classe365

  1. Download the Classe365 App on the App Store if you are using iOS or on Play Store if you are using an Android Smartphone.
  2. Open the Classe365 App.
  3. Enter “OA Madrassa” in the institute textbox.

4. Choose “OA Madrassah”.

5. Login as Parents

6. Enter the username and password, which was provided to you. and click on the sign in button.

7. You will be presented with the Homepage.


1. Payment details can be found in the top section of the homepage.

2. In the following section, you will be able to check all your recent activities and all information pinned on the notice board.

3. In the last section, you will find all events and your class schedules.


  1. The profile section will display all your child’s summary. If you have more than one child, then you will have to select one at a time.

2. The “Summary” section will display all basic information about that child.

3. The “Enrollment” section will display the classes the child is enrolled.

4. The “Attendance” section will show the attendance of your child in the Madrassah.


  1. The event section will contain all a calendar with the events and classes planned throughout the year 2021 pinned to it.

2. Selecting a specific date will reveal all the details of the selected Event.

The “Schedules” section will display the child’s class schedule planner.

Selecting a specific class here will reveal all the schedules for that specific class. If you have more than one child, you will have to select one at a time.


This section will notice Parents about upcoming events.


The settings section will contain all the necessary settings for a Parent.