Access the platform

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Navigate to Classe365 on your browser (Google Chrome).

3. Sign in as Students.

4. Enter your username and credentials which was provided to you.

5.The following is the student’s Dashboard.

Student Profile

Student will have access to their profile on clicking on My Profile as shown in the picture


In Enrollment Section he will be able to see his level and teacher assign


The Activities Section will display all activities related to the student.


In the Attendance section, students will have a record of their attendance.

Report Card

Students Report Card will be shown as per their assessment grade.


The invoices section will display the Amount due and payments that have been done.


  1. Navigate to Module – Calendar – View Events

2. The Calendar page will display all events planned by the Madrassah for the year.

3. Click on a date to reveal all the event’s details.

Learning Module

  1. Navigate to Module – Learning Module – LMS

2. This section will display the Syllabus for each classes.

3. Each Class will contain multiple subjects.

4. Selecting a chapter, will show you the chapters that it contains.

5. Each chapter will contain it’s Learning objectives and it’s Outcome.

Live Lectures

Clicking on the Zoom button for a specific subject in the live lectures section will take the student directly to the zoom session.

Class Schedule

  1. Navigate to Modules – Calendar – Class Schedules
  2. Selecting a specific class will reveal all the schedules for that specific class.

Notice Board

  1. Navigate to Modules – Notice Board

2. This section will notice students about upcoming events.

Social learning

  1. Navigate to Modules – Social Learning
  2. In this section, students may discuss about the different subjects that they have enrolled with the respective teachers and class mates.