Access the platform

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Type
  1. Sign in as TEACHERS.
  2. Enter your username and credentials provided to you.

Teachers page will appear as such displaying informations.

Place cursor on ‘ Modules ‘ and several informations will appear.

Click on ‘View Students’

All your students will appear irrespective of any level a teacher teach.

Note that students profile can be visible on Home Page also. Scroll down completely.

Choose your class and section well. For teachers who teach more than one level, please be careful.

Teachers can ‘Manage Attendance ‘.

Again select Class and Section. Teachers with more than one class please be careful.

It will appear as such.

Tick box ‘Mark all ‘ if every students is present. If not you amend on clicking on the ‘P’ once for ‘A’ twice for ‘L’  to change the status of the student.

Then you click Submit.

  1. Teachers can also have a clear view on Submission Attendance Analytics.
  2. Choose as from which date you want to see and choose which class.

Then you click where the red box is to see results.

A monthly attendance overview on your respective homepage

To be able to see allocated subjects teachers will have to click on Subjects. Same can be access via this path :- Modules – LMS ( Learning Management System ).

If a teacher teaches two different levels, then he/she will have to choose the level subjects you want to display.

Here teachers will find the subjects allocated in their respective class.

Again Discussions, Assessment, Quiz and Resources have not yet updated. We shall update in the coming days In Sha Allah.

For instance, if you click on Names Of Allah where the red box is, you will find the objectives and outcome for this specific lesson.

Teachers will find all their students of this specific level chosen.

Live lectures, teachers can schedule their class.

 To schedule class, click on ADD.

Select Zoom and fill in the blanks, then SAVE.

Or we have another option that is Microsoft Teams, click on it and always select online classes.

Here are the events planned throughout the year 2021. Same can be access if you follow this path :- Modules – Calendar –  View Events

For instance, if you click on the 03rd of April you will find the event details.

To view class schedule

Here it is

Click on Physical Class and you will find Class Schedule details

On notice board you can find the upcoming events.

As you can notice, that the notice board is found on your homepage too.

An example on how it appears on a notice board.

Social Learning as Ustaad Awad told us…. Please give a brief explanation on it

How it appears, and you can share things with your students on it.

You can view students activities here

Select the student name and then view activities

You can find activities on her profile and you can write something private for her etc…

You can manage Assessment and Gradings……but you have to pass through Management (send mail etc.) first

You manage assessment by choosing the class and section well…. Then click let’s start

You can also view report card of a student

Choose the student name and click view report cards

Here is an illustration

You can add assessment of course passing through management first

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